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Panacea Healthcare System is a non-political, non-governmental and charitable organization for social development and welfare.

The organization was established in 2007 with the keen interest of some like-minded social workers in Baluchistan, Pakistan. The work of Panacea Healthcare System was limited to literature, cultural activities, sports activities, and other social activities in the beginning. Panacea Healthcare System has started the journey towards advancements since 2018 with some precise activities and Administrative structure as a project-based development organization.

Panacea Healthcare System has been working by implementing various activities in the area of human rights and good governance by promoting gender equality education health and sanitation so as to empower and ensure the security of the lively hood of the backward poor people of the society. At present, Panacea Healthcare System implementing various development programs with success in Pakistan.

Panacea Health Care System (PCHS) is a highly specialized health care system devoted to transforming the lives of patients through expert care and research. With the research and development experience in the field of public health, Over 25 professional from medical, health research, management sciences, IT and social sciences PCHS is committed to research and evidence-based approach to improving public health services in Pakistan.


Pakistan free from disease, improves the quality of life of every citizen & to drive a new era of health, prosperity & wellbeing.


To strengthen and empower the healthcare system in Pakistan.

To inspire and empower people affected by diseases.

Convincing Pakistanis to adopt and practice healthy and hygiene habits.

And to create lasting solutions to diseases and poor health system in Pakistan.


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